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Our Full Approach

We use a globally proven methodology, tailored to the specific needs of your eCommerce or lead generation website. Here's our workflow.


CRO Workflow

Diagnose Research

In the first month we focus on incredibly in depth customer, user and website research.

Key Ideas & Test Recipe

Research leads to insights and insights leads to ideas for improvement & recipes for website testing.

Split Test

We manage the full AB or Multivariate testing process for you including wireframing, dev and design.

Reporting & Iteration

We report back on every result along with in depth segment analysis for continuous learning.

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Step 1: Diagnose Research Project

Our approach does not include any best practices or opinions. Too often in businesses around the world the opinions of executives, managers or designers guide our website decisions rather than data on what your customers are finding or fearing that is hurting your conversion rate.

This phase will assist us in uncovering what is stopping your website visitors from becoming your customers. Not based on what we think but based on what your customers say and do on your site.

This phase will also provide you with the opportunity to help us understand what the true value proposition of your product or service is (which in turn helps us see whether or not your customers are truly feeling or understanding that value).

Task 1.1: Understand your offering

The first and most important thing for us to understand is the value proposition of your offering. We start by working with your staff to give us a full understanding of what you are offering to the market and what benefits (not just features) there are to your product or service.

One of the primary reasons people do not convert on websites is because websites often do quite a poor job of communicating this value to clients in a way that they can simply understand it.

A big part of the process here is getting a good understanding of the parts of your business that offer exceptional value to your customers that aren’t made clear enough on your website.

Information gathering activities:

  • Interviews with staff
  • Surveys
  • Customer review scraping

Task 1.2: Understand your customers

Your customers have fears. 

These fears or objections are ultimately what stops people from converting on your site and can be broken down into two categories:

a) Fears about parting with their money:

  • “Is it right for me?”
  • “Do I really need it”
  • “Is it worth the money?”
  • “What else could I spend this money on?”

b) Fears about your specific product or service

  • “Is it legitimate?”
  • “Are there other similar companies that offer a similar product at a lower price?”
  • “Does it really offer everything they say it does?”
  • “Will I be disappointed?”

The best websites in the world proactively understand what the potential fears and objections of their customers are before they raise them, counter these fears or objections on their site and increase conversion rates.

During this phase we embark on the following information gathering activities:

  • Audience surveys
  • Feedback polls
  • Competitor review scraping
  • Voice Of Customer aggregators

Task 1.3: Understand your website

In this phase of the process we do a deep dive on your website analytics to gain a real understanding of how users are behaving on your website. It is our experience that websites generally have a few golden pages and a few ‘blocker’ pages that are causing people to leave too soon or scaring people away. These ‘golden’ and ‘blocker’ pages are usually buried in tons of website data or, more often, hidden behind a lack of data.

During this phase we embark on the following information gathering activities:

  • User testing
  • Artificial intelligence backed eye tracking analyses
  • Google Analytics reviews
  • User session tracking

This phase gives us a great understanding of the following key website elements:

  • How are people arriving on your site
  • What are their expectations upon arriving
  • What journeys/paths are users taking through your site
  • Where are they getting stuck

Most importantly, at this stage we are going to find the ‘why’ to the above points of what journey and where they are getting stuck. This will assist us in the next task.

Step 2: Findings workshop & Key ideas list

Deliverable 2.1: Findings presentation

Now that we’ve diagnosed the problems on your website and the objections of your customers, we combine all of our findings through the first 4 tasks of the approach into one research presentation to share the findings with all key stakeholders. These findings will undoubtedly contain lessons that can be leveraged through all touchpoints of the customer experience.

This is really where our thorough research phases deliver value deep into your business, way beyond your website and into other areas of your business such as executive strategy development, customer service, product design and sales tactics.

Deliverable 2.2:  Key ideas

The key deliverable to you from the first 5 tasks is our ‘Key ideas list’ which includes a full list of all ab testing ideas for conversion rate optimisation not based on our thoughts or executive opinions, but based purely on subjective and objective data gathered from your user base and your website user behaviour respectively.

Step 3: Split testing

The testing phase is designed to generate the greatest increase in revenue from the research for you.

Task 3.1: AB Testing programme

We generate an ab testing programme based on the research findings and key ideas list once we have prioritised these ideas on our matrix. 

We also help you develop the right type of conversion rate approach based on your traffic sources & data rates.

Task 3.2: Design

Based on your key ideas list and priorities, our web designers will design experiment wireframes and final designs to be implemented in ab or multivariate tests in order to remove blockers on your site or take advantage of key customer insights (objectives and dreams) for website success.

We set up all tests using Google Optimise and will assist in the setting up of the testing software as well as manage all AB tests for you and report back on winners that should be deployed as full time features or updates on the site.

Task 3.3: Specs for developers

We then provide technical grade specifications and briefs for developers in a language they understand for quick and efficient deploys of winning variants onto your site so that you can start seeing the impact on your bottom line as quickly as possible.

Step 4: Ongoing Research & Testing

As we run tests we will invariably uncover further customer and website user insights which we will both share back through your business as well as use to continually build out your ideas list for flywheel conversion rate wins.

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